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thank you for this game i enjoyed it :):):)


Wow this one is really good. It takes a lot to scare beasty and this one got him good. Nice job.

I reviewed your game. I really want to pet the doggy.

this game is beautiful

Not a bad short horror game.  Thanks for the invitation.

Was sent an email to try it out, and i gave some honest feedback

This is a great short game. It kept me on the edge of my seat with the sudden noises and the small jumpscares. I wish that there were three options for the last part instead of two. Great game and I’d love to see more of your work! 

awesome game it was extremely creepy and spooky, Great Job!

Tengo entendido que eres de Venezuela por lo que voy a prescindir del Inglés a riesgo de lo que voy a decir sea dificil de comprender para los de habla Inglesa. 

Me gustó muchísimo el suspenso que generás a partir del silencio, me parece un aspecto que es muy importante y deberías conservar en la versión final. Por otro lado, creo que hace falta pulir un poco más los "triggers" de los sonidos tanto como la yuxtaposición de los eventos contiguos a las acciones de tu personaje, para hacer un poco más dinámica la reacción del jugador.

Así mismo, me parece muy interesante y fresca tu manera de generar sorpresa, la verdad que varias de las cosas que sucedían no me las esperaba, por sobre todo los "screamers" . 

Para concluir, sigue trabajando y seguro obtendrás un muy buen producto a final. Si te sirve de algo, pideme ayuda en lo que necesites, incluso si estás abierto a recibir colaboradores puedo trabajar contigo en algún área de diseño de sonido o composición musical. Saludos, exitos y esperaré la versión final.  Keep it working! (Y) 

Gave it a go...

skip to 6:05 nice game but its was sad of what happen


Great short game bro. Me gusto mucho. Pls keep up the good work.

Wow , its really scary and cool game! Good job,thanks!


I loved all the jumpscare spots! Thanks Josthin for sending an email to play the game! Absolutely loved it!

It may be a bit stale because there's nothing too much into the game, I was actually expecting the "killer" to be more active but for what it is right now, it's awesome!


Hi , I like your YOUTUBE channel!) Thanks.

Thank you very much for accepting my invitation and playing my game. I appreciate your comments, if you get to develop the game, add an enemy and many more details to the game. Thanks again.


You absolutely got me on the jump scares. I like the overall feel and atmosphere of this game, but I really do question what more you could add on beyond this point or what you could flesh out to make the experience more enjoyable. Overall though, was very impressed.

Thanks for your feedback. If the game were to be developed, it would add more decorations and stage improvements, to make it more detailed, add notes and extend the history of the game, letting the player know the relationship between Max and Hogan. I would add more interactible objects, since you can only interact with few, such as meat, plastic cup and doors. And it would improve the ending, since both endings end tragically.


This was funny short game! I really enjoyed those jumpscares which even got me. Ofc the game need polishing but overall the game were really enjoyed and i have to give credits for two endings! 

I appreciate your comments and I am glad you liked it.


This game pulled on me heart strings! Some fun jumpscares got me, and boy did I want revenge for my dog hahaha!

Thanks for your support and for playing my game :)


You did an awesome work bro and your game deserves to be promoted! here is my gameplay!

Thank you so much for your kind words and for your opinion of the game, I am very happy that you liked it. I really enjoyed the gameplay, thanks.


Once again, great work!


Thank you for playing and for your support!


This was heartbreaking, but a nice little game.  Good jump scares, nothing too complicated, a memorable character.  And adding multiple endings is a nice touch, great work.  This is the third game in the video - 23:01

Thank you very much for playing and for your kind words. I'm glad you liked it.


This was pretty good! The fact that there are multiple endings definitely adds some replay value. Here's my playthrough: 


I'm glad you liked the game, thanks for playing and sharing your experience.

I loved that you had Hogan in the game... I knew that you couldn't trust that dog haha! Anyhow, here's my video for it :) 

Thank you very much for playing, Random LastStand! I had a lot of fun with your video. Thanks man :)

Short interesting game, gave my criticisms in the video. Looking forward to play the next one! 

Thank you very much for playing and for your feedback


I liked the game even tho im not a big fan of dogs and you'll know why in the video but also WHY WOULD YOU GIVE THOSE TWO ENDINGS, good job on the game tho

Thanks for giving my game a chance and for your opinion.


I'm not a dog person, but holy hell man, that was rough! Some strange jumping going on when I got too close to the dog. Couple of good jump scares though.

Thank you for your feedback and for playing my game :)


Hey there, what a fun concept you have made. It has great potential to something more.  Loved the both endings btw.
Will sure check your other projects, keep on the good work!

Thank you very much for your comments, that's worth a lot to me. Thank you for sharing your experience.


I really love your ideas. I am excite to see what you can come up with next!

Thank you very much for your opinion, that's worth a lot to me :)


This game legit almost made me cry.

Thank you so much for your kind words. That is worth a lot to me! Thanks for your feedback and for playing my game :)




Thank you so much for playing!


Never ever have I ever KILLED MY PUPPY POOPER!

Although short and straight to the point, Faithful Friend gave me plenty of scares and provided a scary "who's at my front door?" attitude.  

Mr. Contreras, thank you for letting us see and play your game.  I really appreciate it. It was plenty of fun.

Have fun spectators . . . .

- L Squared

Sorry to hear that, it's very sad. But I am very happy that you liked the game, thank you very much for your comments and for playing my game :)


I like the idea, and little touches like the knife going missing, it shows a lot of the effort going into this. Just wish there was another ending of course.

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Thank you very much for your feedback. I could only implement those two endings because I developed the game in 3 days and it didn't give me enough time to implement more things.


My playthrough right here

Thank you very much for playing and for your opinion, that's worth a lot to me!


Very Nice

Thank you for playing :)

Your welcome :)


Fun little game! 


I'm glad you liked the game :) Thank you very much for playing, Scruncho! I really enjoyed watching you video :)


Hi there, I am a youtuber and I hope that I can get some supporters from you guys just by leaving a like and subscribe on my channel.

This game was very short and has quite a number of random jumpscares XD. I felt that the game has a good scary and tense atmosphere and a general concept of having the choice to stay and die with your dog or abandon the dog but I was a bit unhappy that the dog is unable to follow the player and that we had to choose to kill it or abandon it when we can actually carry it and run out.

The enemy in the game has a lack of a storyline or where it originates from so it is a little strange that a random person is chasing us and trying to kill us. If this game was to be made into a real game, I hope that there would be slightly better graphics and that the dog can follow us anywhere we go. Moreover, I hope that there will be a purpose to what the protagonist is actually doing (storyline) with his dog when he returns home.

Thank you for reading my comment :).

I really appreciate your opinion, you're right. Maybe the options are not very fair and both lead to a bad ending. Remember that this is just a primitive version of the game and if it were to develop the final version would add more endings or other options, as well as the development of the story, the decoration of the stage and know exactly what happens at the end with each election. Thank you very much for your support!
User feedback is worth a lot to me!

Thank you bro XD.



Thank you so much for playing :)


This got me good a few times and I think I got all the endings (assuming there are only 2?). Great game but man, you need to lay off the poor doggos in your games!! ;-)

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Very funny your video! You're right, I must lay off the doggos better in my games :( ... Thanks for playing! :)


Are you going to enable payments through

Unfortunately I can not. I don't have billing information from the United States, which prevents me from registering a payment receipt method. I am from Venezuela.

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